Junk DNA

By Denia Paleologos (GreekRebels - translated)

Weather expected to hear a little blues, a little "new" blues in the footsteps of Joe Bonamassa. Many differences from classic blues, things have become more "technical", but songs like "Phosphorus" can only steal your heart. Mostly tunes voice .. love! 8 minutes and went by smoke liiigo most forcefully was the guitar solos and was excellent. The "Big White Monkey" restores the classroom with dirty, American blues sounds. In more alternative style, "One More Time" .. emotional and extremely beautiful. Crossing the tracks "bogged down" more and more the notes and melodies. This is an album with a slow tempo sometimes optimistic sometimes non-optimistic melodies will rejoice to hear from beginning to end. The solo of "Heaven Knows" was the first that really did make my hair stand up. So beautiful, so blues .. And the "Know Is Nothing" keeps the magic alive.The atmosphere so unreal that in some places you're not sure how many different things you hear. I can not say anything less, but that I loved the Junk DNA. It is extremely mature and it is a job that I would choose to put my record collection and, without a second thought. Blues with influences from the past that meets today ..


Denia Paleologos