Junk DNA

By M. H. Cowmeadow

IJS has done it again with this release, soooo utterly listenable I cant get it out of the car CD player! In parts its almost blues AOR with a celtic twist if that makes any sense and it probably wont till one hears it. Sublime adult music that just washes one into a place of pure musical genius.

There are a lot of thought provoking lyrics here as well, I'll leave you to make your own minds up about that suffice to say that I found some tracks would not be out of place dedicated to Help for Heros campaign and I don't mean in a war hero glorifying way. I think Ian has found a way of expressing what and how many ex and serving soldiers,sailors, or airmen really think and feel. Again if I could give this more stars I would, and again just dont think about just buy it.