Junk DNA

By Beej

Looking for something beyond the same old formulaic pop-rock that we're expected to swallow by mainstream music media, whose only interest is their profit, it can be difficult to find the true musical gems that are out there.

Sadly, more often than not, the best music is barely publicised and easily overlooked.. It's only by word of mouth that we get to hear that albums like Junk DNA even exist.

Thankfully I did hear, and now I hope that you will too.

This is the kind of album that you listen to once and think 'wow, that was cool!', but then you listen to it again and again and each time it gets cooler!

This music is difficult to pigeon-hole in a category. It's definitely 'rock', but an intelligent, original, thought-provoking rock. This isn't the normal regurgitation of guitar solos and three-chord tricks, this is quality musicianship!

The songs on Junk DNA are all excellent, with great lyrics, fabulous melodies and arrangements and amazing playing. I'm glad I found it!