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Junk DNA - ian james stewart

A new day in the cloudbase, disgraced government new face
Get high lookin' down at the rat race, all set for another free ride
Will it end with a big bang, just hang everyone in a think tank
Quick fire, turnin' with a handcrank, welcome to the big meat grind

The surface shine, the vacuum mind
Just another new craze, it's how it is these days
Till you just can't see, anything' to love
So you block it all out with some of that space high dust…

Oh… Space monkeys in a one man show
Steal it if you like the flow, steal it if you like the flow
Oh… Junk DNA everywhere you go
Steal it if you like the flow, steal it if you like the flow…

In your mind a good time, everythin' that you want is a new crime
Pretty soon there won't be a next time, just us in the firing line

It's a big fat lie, it's a crying shame
The televised rage, it's how it is these days
Till you just can't feel, anything' to love
Till you block it all out, get high and scream and shout


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A word or two on Junk DNA from Robert Wyatt..

I well remember father Brian Eno's warning dictum concerning unhelpfully decorative clutter:

"every object obscures another".

And here's what is so refreshing about what Ian James Stewart does. there's everything you need and nothing you don't.

Ian's music has a hypnotic elegance. A magical touch - almost translucent at times - but with a warm pulse that really drives the music along with an organically focussed momentum.

Rock music for grownups.


Ian was born in a small Scottish farmhouse, to the sound of his father's accordion. Started playing guitar in the mid-sixties, strumming along to his dad's records - Hank Williams and Johnny Cash as well as the popular music of the day.

Ian's sister Linda played piano, brother Billy played violin, and later his younger brother David took up bass guitar.

Ian started playing in their dad's band. A mix of scottish and country music. Next he found himself in a Glasgow band "the James Boys", playing material by such as Steely Dan, the Eagles, and Stevie Wonder.

After six months with them in Spain, Ian returned home to work on his own songs.

He managed to get hold of an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, bouncing ideas back and forth until he felt he'd got enough possibilities down to write and record his own music in own way.

after recording and touring with many of the best, Ian's really earned this.

Ian James Stewart's music has something to say, and does so in a way I find totally authentic.


robert Y@.

Thank you Robert..!