ian  james  stewart 

By Rob McKenzie (Roktopia Magazine)

Laid back with a warm feel and full of carefully crafted and varied songs.

Ian James Stewart will be known to the Rocktopia readership as the guitarist of Strangeways. Stewart has just released 'Junk DNA' in which he sings, plays bass and keyboards and obviously the guitar. Although joined by guest musicians including his brother David on bass, this is very much a personal and individual album which I suspect has been a labour of love.

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By Rock Metal Essence (Italian)

Artista: Ian James Stewart
Titolo: Junk DNA
Genere: Smooth Blues Rock
Anno di uscita: 2013
Provenienza: Scozia
Etichetta: Cargo Records
Voto: 78/100

Gli appassionati di rock melodico riconosceranno in Ian James Stewart il chitarrista di una delle formazioni storiche del genere, gli Strangeways.

L'8 novembre 2013 questo musicista ha pubblicato un suo nuovo album solista, Junk DNA, nel quale torna ad immergersi libero nelle sue influenze blues rock e melodiche.

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